My love affair with fiber began many years ago when I learned to sew.  I have always been interested in working with my hands and creating things.  Over time, this interest has led me to explore hand weaving and hand spinning as well as dyeing and various forms of surface design.  In the past, I have focused primarily on wearable, functional items.

My most recent work has taken me in a new direction.  After many years of using yarn to create fabric, I learned to make a new type of fabric using unspun silk fiber.  This versatile material can be cut and sewn like traditional cloth or sculpted into three-dimensional forms.  Working with silk paper has given me unlimited opportunity to try out new ideas.

My current work emphasizes color and form.  I create large sheets of paper that I paint or dye and cut into smaller units.  I then reassemble these units into a kind of fabric mosaic, which I embellish with machine stitching.

The other focus of my current work is printmaking.  I use relief printing to create images on silk fusion which I then embellish with hand stitching.  I create my own print blocks using either original drawings or photographs as source material.